Ten Tips To Lose Weight Successfully

These are some common sense but effective tips to get you started to lose weight successfully. If you are serious about shedding off that kilos, it would be worth to firstly list all the things that need to be done:

1. You need to establish to what extend are you overweight. Consult your doctor and get proper assessment, only then you become aware how hard you need to work on losing weight.

2. Forget about achieving immediate and sudden weight loss. Aim to lose it gradually because evidence has suggested that people with slow and steady weight loss are more likely to remain at lower weight than those who lose weight rapidly. Experts recommend that you aim to lose 1-2 lb a week.

3. Aim to lose weight by reducing calorie intake and by increasing physical activity. You will be achieving higher success if you apply these. As you consume lesser calories, excess fats are burned from the increased physical activity.

4. Set a realistic target by implementing a sensible plan for dieting and regular exercise. Review progress after two weeks for example, by eating sensibly rather than consuming diet food excessively for two months. Calorie intake of less than 1000 a day will generally do more harm than good.

5. Water has no calories so always drink plenty of it. Water is vital for your body to function properly. Do not just drink alot during the early weeks of a diet where excess fluid is easily lost.

6. Do not weigh yourself all the time as weight fluctuates on daily basis. Do it at least once a week and that is enough to review your progress. Do not give yourself a false sense of hope if the weight loss is more than usual or a sense of hopelessness if there is no change in weight.

7. Eat your share of balanced diet which contains carbohydrates, protein, some fats and minerals. The needs of your body remain unchanged just because you are dieting. Just be mindful to choose lower calories and lower quantity for each type of food.

8. Get an accurate weighing scale. Do not underestimate the importance of this if you are serious in keeping track of what you have achieved. Set your bathroom scales to zero and check they are working correctly by weighing a pre-weighted product for eg, a pound of sugar. Weigh yourself preferably without any clothes.

9. Read up on tips for reducing sugar and fat intake. These are two key elements in your diet that need to be monitored. Choose margarine with reduced fat instead of butter. Cut down on biscuits, cakes, chocolates and crisps. Use skimmed milk. Cottage cheese is better than full-fat hard cheese. Bake, grill or steam your food. Educate yourself more on this.

10. It is important that you plan all your meals. This helps you to manage your calories intake throughout the day. Try to eat small meals instead of one large meal in a single day. Eating small amounts will lessen hunger pangs. Do not eat before going to bed as this elminates the chances of burning those calories.