Some Great Tips To Lose Weight Fast

Here are some great tips to lose weight fast sent in by people to weight loss sites and blogs, and Yahoo answers. These tips have been used with the permission of the people that own these sites.

Begin by not frying your food, instead start to use the grill, steam your food,or boil it. To make it taste a little more delicious and less boring, add various spices to improve the flavour of what you eat. Try to cook all your food in these ways as it avoids the use of butter and cooking oils.

Another great tip to lose weight fast and will work wonders is stop drinking anything with sugar in it. I’m talking about fizzy drinks, fruit juices, milk shakes etc. All these drinks do is to store fat on your body. Stop these drinks completely and focus on drinking water instead. Not only will this be far more healthier for you, you will be surprised at just how much weight you will drop from this step alone.

Before you go shopping make a list of foods that are healthy and do not veer from what you have on your shopping list. This step will prevent you from buying any so called ‘goodies’, and if you don’t have any, then the temptation to eat them will be less.

Don’t worry it’s not all bad,you can give yourself a treat once or at the most twice a week, but make sure the portions are small. Because you know that you are not giving up the ‘good stuff’ completely, the cravings will not be as strong as they would be if you were to cut out unhealthy food completely.

To help you to lose weight fast make sure that you reduce the portions of all the food that you eat by a third. Another method is to just use a smaller plate for your food. Do not have any second helpings.

Try to avoid the so called low calorie diets because they are very short term methods to get you to lose weight fast. When your body starts to realise that it is not getting enough calories, it will slow down your metabolism so that it can hang onto as many calories as it can.

This will result in no more weight loss and your cravings to eat more will increase until you cannot stop yourself. Any weight that you may have lost will come back with a bang.

A great tip to lose weight fast is to start doing some sets of exercises in between the breaks of any programs that you are watching on the television. Start by doing some sit ups, squats, running on the spot, press ups, or stretches.

This only couple of minutes of exercise at each break, but you can lose a lot of calories using this method, along with with increases in your levels of fitness. Just use this method for a couple of weeks and you will be amazed at the benefits,

Many people forget that not all habits are bad, you can pick up good habits as well as the bad ones. This goes for your eating habits and your exercise habits. Conventional wisdom dictates that it takes around 28 days to form a habit. Once you have passed this stage it will become easier, so stick with it.

Eat your food by chewing more so it takes longer (this is why you were blessed with teeth), this will not only allow you easier digestion of your food, it will make your stomach feel more full. Also don’t live by the old law of ‘you ain’t moving till that plate is licked clean’. If you want to leave some food, do so. Your health is far more important than some food you may have to throw away.

All these tips were provided by everyday people who have used them and achieved weight loss success. Besides these are the same tips that you would be encouraged to use by your doctor.

So it is not impossible with these great tips to lose weight fast, in a safe way that is not to have a negative effect on your health.