How To Lose Weight Fast

With so many tips and ideas storming the internet, a serious weight loser would be at a loss to decide which course to take by keeping his interest in health and fitness. This article explains five important tips without any rigidity in diet in order to help lose weight fast and keep tabs on future weight.

1. Drink a lot of water: Water is the most harmless appetite suppressant and keeps your stomach full. IT also keeps away dehydration that may lead to more hunger. Water also helps in metabolizing the already stored fat in the body by flushing out wastes and toxins through the urinary system. Lack of water can cause liver dysfunction resulting in non-metabolism of stored fat. Thus, if you are looking forward to lose weigh fast; drink lots and lots of water.

2. Never skip any of the 3 meals a day: Many people who want to lose weight fast are of the opinion that skipping breakfast or any other meal in the day can help them lose weight. For example, by not eating breakfast, your body may end up taking in more food at a later time due to distorted satiety signals (this condition results in not knowing when your stomach is full). In case, skipping breakfast is mandatory, always substitute it with a liquid meal to make up for the nutrition.

3. Change your diet to have more fiber: Fiber rich foods also make you feel full and keep the bowel movement clear. It is proven that doubling fiber intake can result in more than 10 pounds of weight loss a year without any further efforts. So, if you are looking forward to lose weight fast, increase your fiber intake drastically.

Fiber rich foods are low-calorie, but have the same mass, so they make you feel full and reduce your calorie intake automatically. Fiber also eliminates other fat and protein molecules by attaching itself to them. The average fiber intake of a person is estimated at 8g a day, increasing it to 25g can work wonders for weight loss.

4. Concentrate on taking in healthy fats: Fats are essential to the human body and help produce essential fatty acids that are needed for growth, reproduction and production of prostaglandin which regulates inflammation, clotting of blood and blood pressure. Healthy fats constitute nuts, olive oil and cold-water fish while the unhealthy ones constitute butter, animal fats etc. So if you want to lose weight fast, doing away with fats is not the way, eating healthy fats can work wonders.

5. Consume proper and lean protein: Protein is known to be the best tool to lose weight fast. Protein has the quality of keeping you full for a longer time. It also helps balance carbohydrates by preventing insulin level fluctuations that can lead to de-energizing.
Protein also maintains the body muscle mass and is important to burn fat. It is recommended that at least 20% of the calorie intake should be in the form of proteins.

Make use of the above tips to lose weight fast without losing out on your energy levels, health or fitness. Also, the above are only recommendations and do not constitute to any particular weight loss program. So, make the most of these today and lose weight fast the healthy way.